The Song of the Republic


From Pakaraima’s peaks of pow’r
To Courentyne’s lush sands,
Her children pledge each faithful hour
To guard Guyana’s lands.
To foil the shock of rude invader
Who’d violate her earth,
To cherish and defend forever
The State that gave them birth.
We’ll forge a nation’s might soul
Construct a nation’s frame;
Freedom our everlasting goal,
Courage and truth our aim,
Unyielding in our quest for peace
Like ancient heroes brave,
To strive and strive and never cease
With Strength beyond the slave.
Guyana, climb the glorious perch
To fame, prosperity;
Join in the universal search
For world-wide comity.
Your people whatsoe’er their breed
Their hue or quality,
With one firm never changing creed
The nation’s unity