You Don't Know Guyana, Colin!

In honor of Guyana's 34th birthday since Independence this brain-teaser is unleashed with 34 levels. It is designed to simply jog your memory of historical and recent events in Guyana's storied existence.

It is unlikely that any one person will get through to the thirty-fourth level of this brain teaser in one sitting-- but you are welcome to try!

The purpose here is to ensure that Guyana's history is not just talked about but discussed. To this end it is hoped that entire families and/or friends will take this test at the same sitting.

Indeed, while the young 'uns might very well know what is going on today (thanks to the Internet), it will be the 'old heads' who will remember the minute details of yesteryear. It is the old heads who will, for example, remember a name like Lionel Luckoo. The young ones might be more familiar with Linden London ('Blackie'). It is hoped that the 'old heads' will fill in the gaps for the young 'uns who are sometimes, but understandably, unappreciative of the treasure that is their Guyanese heritage-- and that the young pups will bring the seasoned veterans up to date.

It is hoped too, that families/friends will not just answer the questions but will discuss the significance of the various choices ('possible answers') in each question. In this way Guyanese history is broadened and more fully appreciated.

These questions are not designed to 'stump' anyone but rather were carefully selected to encourage discussion in the 'whole' of Guyanese history while providing a legimate challenge. This brain teaser runs the full gamut from the arrival of the Amerindians to Columbus sailing off the Guiana coast to May 2000-- over 1000 years of Guyanese history.

Please note that the questions on the first five levels are very, very, easy. The difficulty level picks up a little on each subsequent level-- with 'easier' levels thrown in to give you a breather every now and then.

Each year one level will be added for each year of Guyana's independence. Furthermore, certain questions will be replaced over the next few years with more enlightening and thought provoking ones. If you have any questions that you think would fill in yet another piece of Guyanese history, please e-mail questions (with the correct answer and possible alternative answers-- full credit will be given to you for the contribution).

NB: LOSP apologizes for any photographs shown here without permission. While the majority of photographs belong to LOSP, some beautiful ones were sent in by surfers. Again, LOSP apologizes to all and will remove offending photographs at the request of the owner -- pronto!! Please send e-mail here

You Don't Know Guyana, Colin!