X-rated student expelled from city school

Guyana Chronicle
December 3, 1999

THE male student involved in the X-rated necking incident at a leading city high school in full view of others Monday has been expelled, sources told the Chronicle late yesterday.

His paramour, however, got off lighter with suspension for the remainder of this term.

According to sources, the girl will be allowed to return to school come the new term next month.

The decision is said to have been handed down by a team comprising officials from the Ministry of Education and senior staff at the school during a meeting yesterday morning.

What triggered the boy's expulsion, sources say, was an incident involving another student outside the school Wednesday afternoon for taunting him about the sexual encounter with the girl in school.

Fortunately for both lads, it was said, a school teacher intervened before the aggressor could have wounded the other boy.

The expelled student is said to have had a long history of delinquency.

Several complaints about his conduct to the Ministry of Education were said to have been ignored for want of evidence.

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