Policy urged on returning Guyanese

Stabroek News
October 12, 1999

The private sector feels that the government should adopt a policy on returning Guyanese, which would make it attractive for remigration.

Private Sector Commission Chairman, George Jardim, said many remigrants had complained that they were treated badly by their own country as if a favour was being granted them, by allowing them to remigrate.

Jardim said migration has been Guyana's most expensive export in the last 30 years, as it lost its skills and managerial class and he pointed out it will not be possible to produce brand new managers in a few short years.

"We believe it would be far better and cheaper to offer returning Guyanese attractive terms than to have to offer those terms to non-Guyanese who will leave when their tour of duty is up," said Jardim at a retreat held by President Bharrat Jagdeo with the business community. He said there will be no cost to Guyana for doing this but a net gain as Guyanese bring their assets, hopes, skills and qualifications.

President Bharrat Jagdeo had announced in New York during a visit there last month, that one central agency would be appointed to deal with remigrants to cut out the frustrations associated with the present bureaucracy.

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