Sexual misconduct duo urged to withdraw from school

By Doreen de Caires
Stabroek News
December 1, 1999

Two St Roses' students who were filmed engaged in a sexual act during a teachers protest at their school over the transfer of a student from St Joseph's High School are being called upon to withdraw from the institution.

The call was made by members of the teaching staff and supported by the student body, who found the footage of the incident, which was shown on television channels, distasteful and degrading to the rest of the students of the institution.

The pair, who are fifth year students, were caught on camera by a television crew from VCT Channel 28 which was at the St Roses' High School to report on a staff protest against the transfer to St Roses' of another student from St Joseph's High School due to a disciplinary problem there.

Stabroek News attempted to make contact with Headmistress Norma Stephney but she had already left as the school had a double session yesterday to facilitate members of the student body attending the West Indies 'A' team cricket match at Bourda.

This newspaper also understands that the pair had reported for classes as usual yesterday morning.

According to teachers at the school to whom Stabroek News spoke, the two students had on a previous occasion earlier in the year engaged in a sexual act for which they were punished by being asked to perform community service. This amounted to sweeping and scrubbing classroom walls.

The parents of the offenders, it was stated, were aware of the situation as they had been alerted following the first act. Further allegations of unacceptable behaviour have been levelled against the male student.

These complaints were reportedly related to the Georgetown Department of Education and it was stated that this body had requested physical evidence from the student body in order to facilitate action.

Teachers have claimed that their school was being used as a "dumping ground" for difficult children from other schools.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports emanating from the Education Ministry stated that the matter in relation to the transfer of the student from St Joseph's will be re-examined to determine further action. (Oscar P. Clarke)

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