Remigrants form steering committee

Stabroek News
December 23, 1999

A meeting of remigrants at the Park Hotel yesterday afternoon saw the appointment of a seven-member steering committee for the ultimate purpose of establishing terms of reference of the association and for setting the groundwork for its future activities.

Members of the committee who were chosen by requests for volunteers were expected to get together after the meeting to decide on a date for their next meeting expected to be held at the boardroom of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI).

Stabroek News understands that they are expected to meet sometime around the first week of January, following which another general meeting of the association will be convened.

There were numerous suggestions from the floor as to the way forward with varying views on how the body was to be formulated and the way it was to function.

The Park Hotel meeting, which was convened by Managing Director of GBTI, Paul Geer, was aimed at getting remigrants to list their grievances and to formulate measures to secure a stable environment for those who will follow.

This meeting followed one convened with President Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday last at which he urged them to organise themselves in order that they could properly highlight their individual problems.

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