Canadian community honours Shri Prakash Gossai By Geeta Maraj
Guyana Chronicle
May 6, 2002

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IF YOU have ever listened to the Ramayana interpreted with superb style and class, only then will you understand what the devotees of the Devi Mandir in Ontario, Canada have enjoyed this past week.

In society today, it has become a common fact that fewer and fewer are attending church. But when you know Shri Prakash Gossai of New York is reading a yajna or conducting a sermon in Canada, you can be sure of one thing - there will hardly be place in the Mandir to accommodate the devotees.

Shri Prakash Gossai was born in Guyana and migrated to the United States of America in 1983. As of 1988, his interest in the Ramayana (one of Hinduism’s most sacred texts) had sparked his passion, so much so, that he gave up a science career to follow his aspirations. Today, he lives his dream by spreading the words of Shree Sanatan Dharma internationally. Shri Prakash Gossai is popular not only in Canada, but throughout the United States, the West Indies, South America and Europe.

What makes his approach stand out above the rest you might ask? Prakashji has guardedly removed Hindus from an entrenched view of the scriptures, to a modern more pragmatic approach. He uses the concepts of the scriptures to relate to the higher truth and its connection to everyday life. Based on his methodology, incorporated with his inspirational bhajans (songs) he captures the interest of the younger and older generations alike. But his talent does not end with his masterly interpretation of the Ramayana, his melodic voice lends panache and charm to his sermons. He has produced many CD’s, cassettes, and books in an effort to educate, as well as, arouse interest in Hindu culture and traditions.

At the Devi Mandir on April 19, Shri Prakash Gossai was recognised for his contributions to Satnatan Dharma and the Canadian Hindu Community by being presented with three awards. The first award was on behalf of the Premier of Ontario and Mr John Hastings, Member of Provincial Parliament, for his contributions to the Hindu community throughout the Province of Ontario, Canada. The Hindu Federation gave the second award, for his dedication, commitment and support to the Hindu Temples of Canada. The final award of Life Time Membership was given by the Devi Mandir, recognising his fund-raising contributions to their temple in the excess of $200,000 over the past four years.

In the presence of no less than 1,000 devotees, who gave him a standing ovation, Prakashji accepted his awards with great humility and gratitude. He commented to the congregation in his acceptance speech, “There are many priests and spiritual leaders who contribute selflessly to Hinduism and deserve these awards more than I do. On their behalf I accept these honours you have given me.”

Once you have experienced an evening of Shri Prakash Gossai’s talent, be assured, it will leave you searching his website ( for more information about his programmes, sermons and music. But, be warned, Shri Prakash Gossai’s ability to trigger your inner cry for spiritual enlightenment is addictive and will keep you forever yearning for his teachings!