Challenges in the world of work
Guyana Chronicle
May 26, 2002

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THE competition for jobs is fierce and is getting fiercer as jobs get harder to come by. The world of work is therefore characterised by the increasing use of technology, globalisation, international and domestic competition, dwindling resources, shrinking opportunities in some occupations and expanding opportunities in others, and simply `change’.

More companies are `downsizing’ and `rightsizing’, `re-engineering, `outsourcing’ and hiring `contingent’ staff creating a whole new business vocabulary along the way.

The result of these challenges are reduced job security, rapid skills obsolence and increased job mobility. These realities require new approaches to the job market. Job seekers need to acquire various skills and competencies both to prepare for the world of work and to find work.

Focus in the new world of work is on employability rather than employment. That is, we must always have the skills and competencies that are required for the changing times. We therefore need to be continually learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, developing new aptitudes. Job seekers need also to explore options and not limit themselves to looking at employment but create their own employment. Training and retraining and career planning are vital.

The recruitment and placement service
This service has a long history (it was previously known as the Labour Exchange). The Government of Guyana established this service in October 1944 for the purpose of collecting and furnishing information on one hand to employers who wish to recruit workers, and on the other hand to persons who are seeking employment

Mission Statement
To contribute to the economic and social development of Guyana by providing effective and efficient employment services to job seekers and employers.

Its objectives are to:

Register persons seeking employment

Maintain a record of notified vacancies mainly in the public and private sectors

Match job seekers with vacancies and arrange interviews for job seekers

Institute occupational counselling and guidance to those seeking employment

Visit worksites to encourage employers to utilise the service being offered by the division.

The division has four offices, which are strategically located in the various regions. The Head Office is situated in Georgetown, Region Four (centre). The other offices are located in Region Two (Anna Regina), Region Five (Fort Wellington) and Region Six (New Amsterdam). In addition, officers from the Head Office periodically conduct registrations, submission and placements in specific areas in Regions Three and Four.

The activities of the division depend on the demand and supply for labour. Over the years, the number of persons registered and placed in employment has fluctuated.