Boy shot by police puts new leg forward
Stabroek News
June 23, 2002

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"I would like to thank the Ministry of Human Services for this new leg, because I can now go back to school and finish my education," Vincent Griffith was quoted as saying after being fitted with an artificial leg.

The presentation, a gift from the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, was made by Minister within that Ministry, Bibi Shadick, at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre. Griffith was fitted with the left below-the-knee prosthesis by employees at the Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre, a division of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre. The Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre was responsible for making the artificial limb, while the Difficult Circumstances Division of the Ministry bore the $80,000 cost, the release said.

Expressing the hope that Griffith would be able to return to school and continue his studies, the minister remarked, "since he lost his leg, Vincent has kept saying that his life is over and he cannot return to school, but with this new limb, he will be able to do that and much more."

Griffith lost his leg in December last year after being shot by a member of the police force while he was in a house where a raid was being conducted.