‘Chief Rock’ spices up Amerindian heritage festivities
Stabroek News
October 1, 2002

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For the past three weeks Amerindian villages and some of the schools in Guyana have been entertained by the performances of Sino General also known as ‘Chief Rock,’ the Native Indian from Hamilton, Ontario.

Six Nations of the Grand River is Canada’s largest First Nation community. It is located in Southern Ontario and is home to the Mohawks, Cayugas, Senecas, Oneidas, Onadogas and Tuscaroras six tribes.

Speaking to Stabroek News, about his life, Sino said that both his parents are from the Reserve and he had always wanted to enrich the world with their culture and customs. He noted that growing up, there was no getting away from being part of the festivities. He grew up mainly in Hamilton, but would go back to the Reserve ever so often, as it was a means of entertainment and a way for people to make extra money. “When I was small, we used to go to the pow-wows [a festival to celebrate music and dance], so it was always a part of me, I was always around the people who sang and danced”.

Sino makes his native costumes, sings, drums and dances as a profession and gives classes to the young native children in Canada. He teaches them the native songs and dances - what they mean and why they do it - the dances are done with hoops. The rap/hip-hop influence of his act originated from his life on the streets of Hamilton.

Sino is the only entertainer in his family, which includes his mother (who has died), two brothers and two sisters. He has a healthy relationship with his father, whom he said he met when he was sixteen years old.

Sino was invited to visit Guyana by the Canadian High Commissioner, Serge Marcoux to participate in the celebrations of Amerindian Heritage Month. Sino has been privileged to entertain villagers of St Cuthbert’s Mission, Santa Rosa, Lethem and the Amerindian Hostel. He has also entertained the students of the Bishops’ High School, School of the Nations, St Stanislaus College, the Cyril Potter College of Education and staged several shows for the public.