Officials brief Canadian-based Guyanese in outreach mission

Guyana Chronicle
February 27, 2003

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ON THEIR outreach visit to Canada, Minister of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock, Mr. Satyadeo Sawh and Information Liaison to the President, Mr. Robert Persaud celebrated the 33rd Republic Anniversary with hundreds of Guyanese living in Toronto.

On the eve of Republic Day they participated in an observance activity where a message from President Bharrat Jagdeo was read and the visiting Guyanese officials had an opportunity to interact with all present.

On February 23 - Republic Day - a public forum was held and was well attended despite a snowstorm that lasted over the entire weekend.

The Guyanese officials made presentations dealing with social, political, economic and security issues.

They restated the resolve of the Government to ensure an acceptable level of safety and security and the Administration's commitment to its part in restoring normalcy within the political environment.

This position, it was noted, is consistent with the position paper "Towards Greater Inclusive Governance in Guyana" presented by Mr. Jagdeo at State House on February 8, last.

The response from the Guyanese community was overwhelming.

It was mentioned by some participants that they (the Guyanese community) were victims of distortion, peddled by some political activists within the media in the Diaspora.

On this note, the Government officials gave an undertaking to implement additional measures to enhance the flow of information to the diaspora.

The Toronto-based Guyanese community acknowledged that the Government and law enforcement agencies were giving adequate attention to the ongoing crime situation.

Additionally, they were satisfied that firm action is being taken to deal with the security issues.

The Diaspora community through their many groups and organizations pledged additional support for the law enforcement agencies here.

They indicated that they will be exploring new ways of providing support to the Guyana Police Force and Community Policing Groups.

A number of the persons present indicated their interest in remigration and enquires were made on their prospects.

There were also indications of interest to invest within Guyana.

A mission comprising of visitors and potential investors will soon be visiting Guyana as a demonstration of their confidence and willingness to contribute to the development of Guyana.

The visiting Guyanese officials also took the opportunity to visit and interact with the religious communities at various places of worship.

Sawh and Persaud also visited Montreal and Ottawa while on the one-week 'outreach' visit to Canada, where, in addition to meeting the Guyanese community, they met some Canadian Government and private sector officials. (GOVERNMENT INFORMATION AGENCY - GINA)

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