Diaspora in UK to reward its own again

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April 29, 2003

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The highly successful UK High Commission Awards will be revived this autumn in London. The Inaugural awards took place in 2001 and a range of first and second generation Guyanese from Raj Persaud to Trevor Philips to Howard Eastman to Ramjohn Holder were saluted by their community. That well orchestrated and very well publicised event was a sell out. It was sponsored by Western Union and others including some Guyanese companies. Since then, the achievers’ flame has been kept alive by the six diaspora dialogues at the High Commission. The latest of those took place earlier this month.

Now the London High Commisioner Laleshwar Singh has hand-picked a committee to organise the second awards ceremony for November of this year. This time, the event will be moved from Croydon Town Hall to the bigger, and more prestigious venue, of the Fairfield Halls also in Croydon. It is slated for the evening of Sunday, November 16th.

Meanwhile, nominations for potential awardees in three categories are being sought by the High Commission (3 Palace Court, Bayswater Road, London W2 4LP

Phone:0207 229 7684)

i.Distinction or service in the community

ii.Distinction in one’s career or calling

iii.Outstanding Guyanese of the Year.

Nomination forms are ready and have to be returned by the end of August. (John Mair)

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