Amerindians should reflect on their condition
--Advises Amerindian Affairs Minister

Guyana Chronicle
August 23, 2003

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MINISTER of Amerindian Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues, has advised the Amerindian community of Orealla in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) to reflect on their condition and to observe their conduct at public meetings.
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Rodrigues, who was on a one-day visit to the area, also told the residents that they should substitute other words for ‘poor’ and ‘weak’, which they usually use to describe their community.

“You have to start realising that you are rich…in mind, heart and will, and you want to make changes,” she admonished them.

The Minister explained to the residents that developmental issues in the village concerned them, and they should all be involved.

Rodrigues reiterated that the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs could assist them in some of the things they needed, but that the residents, along with the Village Council, should be prepared to merge their energies to develop their community.

She noted that Village Council members are elected by residents and therefore residents should ensure that Councillors make certain decisions for the well-being of the community after consulting the villagers.

The Minister congratulated the villagers on the condition of the new Orealla Primary School, and said that she hoped that this was the way they would continue to maintain it.

Rodrigues also reminded them about the Amerindian Heritage Month plans and urged that they all become involved in the celebrations including the Amerindian Heritage Pageant billed for the National Cultural Centre on September 27.

Orealla, which is the first Amerindian village in the country to be surveyed, is located along the Corentyne River, Berbice. (Government Information Agency)

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