Police condemn racist attempts by TV hosts

Guyana Chronicle
September 12, 2003

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THE Guyana Police Force has noted “with much apprehension deliberate attempts by two talk show hosts to inject racial connotation amongst its membership and the public at large pertaining to its leadership and activities.”

So says a statement by the Police Public Relations Office.

The release, issued yesterday, refers to “statements made by the talk show host on Channel 9 between 9-10 hours on Wednesday and reiterated efficaciously by a colleague talk show host on Channel 6 yesterday morning between 07-08 hours.

“The force deems these statements to be extremely ill conceived, malicious and the publicising of them, extremely crass.

“On the programme on Wednesday morning, the talk show host said that he received information from reliable sources that there was a meeting at Police headquarters on Tuesday last, where it was decided the force will stop recruiting African Guyanese in order to strike an ethnic balance in the force, and that some members of the force had applied to go to the University of Guyana on courses, but they were withdrawn and were replaced with 3 Indians and one African.

“Guyana Police Forces wishes to make it pellucidly clear that no such meeting was ever held at Police headquarters on 2003-09-09 and is very concerned with the propensity of the maker of such statements to mislead the public and members of the GPF about activities in the force.

“Such reckless and preposterous utterings are obviously designed to tarnish the image and derogate the integrity of the hierarchy of the GPF.

“Furthermore, the administration of the GPF has never engaged in ethnic consideration when it is involved in activities intrinsic to the development of the organization.

“The sinister conceptualisation by those talk show hosts and their fatuous endeavours to incite, inject and foment racial overtones into the Guyana Police Force would never ever come to fruition. The administration and the ranks of the force will continue to remain resolutely on course in the discharge of their duty.

“Members of the force have always displayed unity and a sense of purpose in the discharge of their duties countrywide, to all races in Guyana, and will not fall prey to such foolishness, about racism and motives akin to it.

“Those talk show hosts clearly have an axe to grind but will be well advised to disabuse their warped minds from insinuating anything about the Guyana Police Force, or attempt to meddle in the affairs of the force, without just and reasonable cause (s).

“The force envisages this as an opportune movement for those talk show hosts to do self introspection starting from an examination of the head, as that area may be in dire need of fixing; and we so advise.”

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