Peter Ramsaroop launches “trendy” book
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July 27, 2003

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Guyanese, Peter Ramsaroop recently released a new book in the US called “Surfing the leadership waves”.

Ramsaroop, a member of the Reform arm of the PNCR, is also the Chairman and CEO of EVOLVENT, a Washington DC based technology firm. He seeks to show that there is a better way to “surf” trends without losing your shirt as happened to many investors in the nineties. According to an article on EVOLVENT’s website, Ramsaroop said he chose the word “Surf” metaphorically because the language is used in everyday life - as in riding the wave and wiping out - but more essentially because “the mark of a good surfer is being able to identify the best waves and ride them as long as possible while trying to avoid ‘wiping out’. He went on to say that “the mark of a good leader is also being able to spot the oncoming waves or ‘trends’ that are just over the horizon or they risk ‘wiping out’ themselves - and their organisations.”

“Not everyone got wiped out in the aftermath of the 1990’s stock boom. There were successful people out there who can ride life’s waves much better than others. It was those characteristics that were of importance to me.”

In preparation for the book Ramsaroop interviewed various persons within the business sector, who were able to recognise the start of trends and were able to realise it was time to get out of situations. He said that he was able to identify the practical things and the quantifiable stuff, while he skipped the theoretical and esoteric because he wanted to give people only hard information that they could use.

Defining the art of leadership Ramsaroop shows the reader how the principles and tools can be applied everywhere from technology and politics to business and economics. He was also able to shed some light on terrorism. Finally, he encourages readers to meet the challenges of leadership in today’s world.

Ramsaroop will be here at the end of August to launch his book in Guyana, which he hopes will have the same impact and significance as it had in the US.

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