Marking the 40th year of the Guyana School of Agriculture
Sawh praises role of the institution in promoting ethnic cohesion
Guyana Chronicle
October 30, 2003

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THE spirit of camaraderie and shared respect among the hundreds of Guyanese who were trained at the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) was acknowledged and praised yesterday by Mr. Satyadeow Sawh, Minister of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock.

Delivering the feature address at the Anniversary Special Assembly to mark the institution’s 40th year of existence, the Minister noted the need for more such ventures, where Guyanese of different ethnic backgrounds can continue to develop the spirit of camaraderie by studying, living and working together in the same environment.

Reflecting on the comments of several past students, who spoke glowingly of their experiences at GSA, Mr. Sawh pointed out that the institution did not only produce qualified individuals, but it also turned out individuals with well-rounded personalities. These graduates were therefore competent to take on the mantle of leadership both in the Guyanese society and in the agricultural sector.

Sawh noted that the GSA was the brainchild of this country’s first Premier, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who had envisioned the important role the institution would play in the development of the Guyanese nation.

“We ought to recognise, also, the vision of our late President Dr. Jagan, whose brainchild it was,” the Minister said. He added that the late Guyanese leader believed that agriculture would be the key to this country’s success.

Mr. Sawh congratulated all the stakeholders who contributed to the success and achievements of the Guyana School of Agriculture.

Dozens of past students and several former faculty members were among the audience at yesterday’s Anniversary Special Assembly.

In her remarks, Principal of the Guyana School of Agriculture Ms. Lynette Cunha, recalled that 24 students made up the first batch of students of the institution.

Over the years, the Principal said, the GSA gained international status with the enrollment of students from various Caribbean territories and also from such far-flung lands as North Korea, Nigeria, the United States of America, and Zimbabwe.

As part of the GSA’s 40th Anniversary programme, three main buildings on the Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara campus will be renamed after former principals. Theme of the anniversary activities is, “Reflecting, Projecting and Modernising”.

Other activities planned include a dinner sponsored by former students, and the reformation of the institution’s Alumni body.

The GSA has made important contributions to the development of the agriculture sector over the last 40 years. Numerous graduates are now successful business executives, entrepreneurs, veterinarians, teachers, technicians, farmers, and forest rangers in Guyana as well as in the Caribbean, many other countries.

Beautiful musical renditions by the Guyana Police Force Band and a dramatic presentation by students of the school enlivened the proceedings. (Shirwin Campbell)