Government rejects PNC/R character assassination plot
Guyana Chronicle
November 23, 2003

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THE People's National Congress/Reform's objection to the appointment of Ms. Lisaveta Ramotar to the World Bank lacks logic, according to senior government officials.

"It is not the PNC I know. I know they are capable of all sorts of things, but to believe that they will publicly adopt such a position is a bit too much," said Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, at his post-Cabinet Media briefing Friday

The PNC/R claims that Lisaveta Ramotar being the daughter of the General Secretary of the People's Progressive Party (PPP), should have disqualified herself from selection to the position at the World Bank.

Recently, the administration was informed that Guyana had the opportunity to secure two places on the board and these were filled by Head of Research at the Bank of Guyana Dr. Gobind Ganga and Ms. Lisaveta Ramotar, a senior staffer at the Bank of Guyana.

Information Liaison to the President Robert Persaud, in an invited comment to the Government Information Agency (GINA), noted that the selection was consistent with the criteria and that Ms. Ramotar is adequately qualified.

She holds a Master's Degree in Project Analysis Finance Investment from the York University, UK.

"Is it the PNC/R suggestion that qualification and competencies are no longer a prerequisite for selection? Or is it the PNC/R's view that young qualified professionals should not be considered for such positions," he queried.

According to Mr. Persaud, this is just another example of the PNC/R's character assassination. If the PNC/R wants to attack the PPP's General Secretary, then they should direct their vitriol at him, not his daughter.

Neither the PPP nor the General Secretary's office had any role to play in the nomination and selection of Ms. Ramotar and Dr. Ganga, GINA said.