40 Years Of Stewardship, Guyana School Of Agriculture Viewpoint
By Lynette Cunha
Guyana Chronicle
December 19, 2003

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The vision and will of those who began a School of Agriculture in Guyana on the 9th September 1963, over 40 years ago, is one that is to be highly commended.

The development of the Guyana School of Agriculture from its humble beginnings, in five (5) dwelling houses in the then Central Agriculture Station (CAS) at Mon Repos, to the Institution that it has now become with several of its own buildings and farms is to be saluted. All Guyana should be very proud of this Institution, which the hands of Guyanese designed and built and here I refer to the late George Henry, the Architect and the many skilled craftsmen who made it into a reality.

All of this, is testimony to the sustained and effective leadership of this institution over the years by the former principals of the Institution, I refer here to Mr. Harry Madramootoo, Mr. Winslow A. Davison and Mr. Desmond A. Nicholson and to the dedicated staff, full time and part time and the direct and indirect contributions of supporting agencies.

Agriculture and Forestry as a broad based science offers a multiplicity of specialized careers for youths with genuine love and orientation for nature. To become an agriculturist or forester, a young man or woman should realize that this science requires an intellect and discipline of mind to cope wit instruction in a wide range of subjects closely inter-related one with the other. Also it is important for them to understand that agriculture has been and will continue to be the mainstay of our economy for a long time to come, and as stated by Mr. Chelston Braithwaite, Secretary General of the Institute for International Cooperation in Agriculture (ICA) at the recently concluded Caribbean Week of Agriculture, "Agriculture must be valued as the bedrock of society protecting the environment for future generations.

The Guyana School of Agriculture has bee trying to promote just this in sticking to its Mission Statement which says; "To promote and support agricultural and forestry development through education and training of young men and women interested in an agricultural or forestry career"

The School has produced over two thousand eight hundred (2,800) graduates who serve in Guyana on the coastal plains and hinterland areas, several islands of the Caribbean and further a field in national, regional and international organizations, fulfilling this mandate as Extension Officers for Crops and Livestocks, Agri business men and women.

Marketing Officers, Forest Guards and Rangers, Fisheries Officers, Lecturers and Teachers, Agri-Credit Officers, Field and other officers in GuySuCo and the Guyana Rice Board. The Chief Crops and Livestock Officer, the Head of the New Guyana Marketing Corporation, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, the Head of a popular fast food business, to name a few are all products of the School.

Guyana School of Agriculture looks forward to continued support from all agencies including the private sector and those involved in rural development, to carry out its mandate as in the long run, it is human capital more than anything else, properly trained, motivated and equipped who will be the central ingredients to bring about agriculture development.

The Guyana School of Agriculture is an institution of which all Guyana should be proud of and should want to join with in celebrating especially at this time its 40th Anniversary.