Guyanese kidnapped in Suriname

Stabroek News
November 18, 2003

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A Guyanese is one of two men who were kidnapped in Suriname over a week ago after they were linked to the shooting of a Surinamese businessman during a recent robbery.

The kidnappings of Guyanese-born Jan Fiedkou and Suriname native Brian Schmelz, both aged 24, hasto have also been linked to the murder of Guyanese-fugitive Paul Pindleton, although Surina-mese police are yet to confirm these reports.

Surinamese businessman, Max Mortel was shot on the night of October 24, and is now recovering in the United States. Pindleton was executed three days later.

The spokesman for the police authorities in Suri-name, Ronald Gajadher, told Stabroek News that police were still busy with their investigations into the kidnapping of the men as well as the murder of Pindleton. He was unable to go into details of the case but said more information would be forthcoming soon.

Stabroek News was told that Fiedkou was kidnapped from his home in the FlorA projects on Thursday November 7. Schmelz was abducted later the same day.

Both men have yet to be seen since but there are reports that Fiedkou was taken to the east of Suriname and then transported into French Guiana.

Two Guyanese suspects were arrested in Paramaribo last Tuesday for Pindleton's murder. His bullet-riddled body was found on the road not far from the Santo Boma penitentiary.

Pindleton was wanted in Guyana for the murder of policeman Lloyd Cameron and a drive-by shooting in Albouystown that left three people dead and seven others wounded.