Police reform proposals for Parliament by Dec 1 Stabroek News
November 22, 2003

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The Disciplined Forces Com-mission has requested a new deadline of December 1 for it to submit recommendations on reforms to the police force.

The request for the extension will come up before the National Assembly on Monday.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, at his weekly press conference yesterday said that one of the motions would deal with the request for an extension until December 1 2003 for the DFC to submit the "much awaited Interim Report of its enquiry into the Guyana Police Force."

The original deadline was November 18.

Another issue before Parliament will be the most recent report of the Appoin-tive Committee including the submission of the two nominees identified by the committee for membership on the Public Service Commission.

The government will also be introducing a bill further postponing the local government elections.

Luncheon said that by the first quarter of next year the repairs on the Parliament Buildings ceiling would be complete. He said while additional work would go well into the remainder of the year this will not affect the sitting of the national assembly.

He was also asked if works would be done on the surroundings of the building. While he was not sure who was responsible for that he admitted that the surroundings were sometimes deplorable.