Wanted man nabbed in Buxton cordon
Guyana Chronicle
February 2, 2004

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A MAN wanted in connection with a number of criminal offenses, including armed robberies, has been nabbed in a police cordon-and-search operation in Buxton on Saturday.

The man was shot when he tried to escape and is currently in hospital under armed guard.

A police source says Saturday's operation in Buxton is part of a strategy that is being intensified in the crime-torn East Coast Demerara community in the wake of a worrying increase in the spate of robberies in the area.

Minibus operators and commuters in particular have complained that hold-ups and robberies are on the increase in the Buxton area.

It is believed that many of the bandits who used Buxton as a criminal haven quietly moved out of the village during a joint police-army cordon-and-search operation there last year.

The robberies stopped, only to be resumed shortly after the army abandoned a post in Buxton at the end of the joint operation.

Police said several persons were caught during Saturday's operation in Buxton and that the police will be maintaining their presence in the area.