Police confirm 'Tattle' arrest
Stabroek News
February 3, 2004

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Two days after the police raided Buxton, a release was issued yesterday stating that a man wanted for armed robberies and murder was shot in the leg on Saturday morning after he attempted to flee.

The man, Trayon Summer, 23, who is now in hospital, has denied being involved in the killing of policeman Walton Brummel last year. Brummel was murdered on February 22 at Company Road, Buxton while trying to stop bandits from robbing passengers in a minibus.

The police release even came after they issued a release on Sunday night shortly after the death of Mark Thomas accused of killing Shafeek Bacchus.

According to the release, the suspect, who is also called `Tattle' and who gave his address as One Mile Wismar and Middle Walk Dam, Buxton, jumped into a canal in the cane field area but was thwarted by lawmen.

The release said that a second man with Summer escaped.

It was stated that during the cordon and search, which lasted from 5 am to 6 am, eight other persons were arrested for various offences. To date seven are still in police custody and one has been released on cash bail pending further investigations.