Guyanese honoured at 38th Independence anniversary event in New York
Guyana Chronicle
May 24, 2004

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OVERSEAS-based Guyanese renewed their commitment to assist their homeland during a ceremony to commemorate the 38th Independence Anniversary on Saturday evening.

Hosting the formal event, which was held at the Grand Ballroom Holiday Inn, JFK Airport, New York was the Consulate of the Republic of Guyana in collaboration with the Guyana Tri-State Alliance Inc.

In the words of Mr Brentnol Evans, Consul General of Guyana, the Independence anniversary celebration, which comprised a formal dinner and Awards Ceremony, was an “auspicious occasion”.

While congratulating the Guyana Tri-State Alliance for hosting the event, Mr Evans noted that overseas-based Guyanese have always shown unwavering commitment to the land of their birth, and have made contributions in many ways over the years.

“Let there be no doubt about it, Guyana is a great country and we Guyanese are an able people. I am supremely confident that we will seize the splendid opportunities that are now opening up to us and together transform our country into a place where we can adequately satisfy our material and cultural needs, in conditions of stability and peace,” he added.

President of the Guyana Tri-State Alliance, Inc. Ms. Patricia Jordon-Langford who delivered the welcoming remarks at the prestigious event called on Guyanese at home or abroad to acknowledge this anniversary as “a time of renewal of our national spirit, pride in our country, and to face the challenges ahead as one proud people”.

Ms Jordon-Langford also called on Guyanese to come together to overcome any adversity. “Let us laugh together and share our Guyanese ability to laugh at ourselves, and in so doing, create happy and confident faces in our beloved El Dorado, in spite of the challenges our growing nation will experience.”

In her speech she lauded those who have made tangible contributions to their motherland. “I am conscious of the commitment of Guyanese living abroad to help this country, and I commend all those who have translated this into positive actions,” Ms Jordon-Langford said.

Noting the difficulties facing the nation, the Guyana Tri-State Alliance leader pointed out, “History has shown us that Guyanese are resilient, resourceful, ingenious, and with our collective strength and determination we will continue to overcome, and triumph, through unity and perseverance.”

“I greet you on this 38th Anniversary of our Independence with a message of hope, a feeling of confidence in our nation’s destiny and a desire that Guyanese throughout the USA and Guyana regardless of their political, social, cultural or ethnic affiliation, salute our flag in brotherhood.”

Outstanding awardees were: Mr Ron Bobb-Semple; Ms Sybil Chester; Imaam Zameer Sattaur; Mr Joseph Mohan; Ms Claire Goring; Pandit Krishna Inderjit; Mr Rohit Jagessar and Dr. Desrey Fox.

The Guyana Tri-State Alliance Inc. represents the region, which is home to the largest concentration of Guyanese in the United States. The body has been lauded by Guyana Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Bayney Karran for its effort in organising the Independence celebrations, which provide the opportunities for Guyanese nationals to meet and mingle, renew bonds, preserve linkages, maintain culture and display national allegiance in a foreign country.

The programme included the playing of the national anthems of the United States of America and Guyana, invocations by representatives of the three main religions in Guyana, a medley of Guyanese folk songs, the presentation of a poem written by the late Martin Carter, and the presentation of awards. Ambassador Karran delivered the feature address.

The event was attended by a wide cross section of Guyanese living in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey. Among those present were prominent Guyanese businessmen, Mr. Henry, owner of Henry House Banquet and Catering Hall; Mr. Mohamed Z. Safie of Metlife Financial Services; and Mr. Lyndon Forde of 4D's International.