PNC/R links migration attempts to 'inconsistent' economic policies
Guyana Chronicle
June 4, 2004

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THE main opposition party, the People's National Congress Reform (PNCR), said the government is embarrassed by the recent meeting at the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) Hall where lawyers from the Canadian firm IPACS came to advise Guyanese how they could migrate to Canada.

According to reports the visitors brought 80 forms, which are used as part of the emigration process, but surprisingly hundreds turned up at the meeting anxious to flee here.

The party in a statement read yesterday during its weekly press conference at Congress Place, Sophia said based on President Bharrat Jagdeo's Independence message at the National Park on May 25, "one would have heard of an idyllic paradise where there were jobs for all and there was peace and security".

However, PNCR said the truth was painfully exposed by the large crowd of people, including teachers, nurses, disciplined services workers, business people and Guyanese citizens from all over who turned up for the session.

This revelation, the party said, gives the lie to the President's platitudes about the successes of the government, and exposes the bleak economic and general outlook, which faces the Guyanese population.

The party said people are flocking to leave the country because many of them have become despaired of the government's confused and inconsistent economic policies.

Guyanese have suffered enough from the deteriorating security and crime situation and those who are public servants have become fed up with the way they are being treated by the government and therefore sees no future here for their children.