Returning Guyanese robbed, dumped from taxi on way from airport

Kaieteur News

June 8, 2004

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A Guyanese returning home from Barbados got a rude welcome when he was dumped from the taxi he was traveling in, after being robbed by the driver and another passenger.

The victim was dumped on the Friendship Public Road after he was relieved of Bds $710 and his suitcase last Saturday.

Reports reaching this newspaper stated that the man hired the taxi to take him to the city shortly after disemarking at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

He did not object when another man boarded the car and offered to share the fare with him.

However, in the vicinity of Friendship, East Bank Demerara, the driver stopped the car and the other passenger proceeded to rob the returning Guyanese of his valuables.

He was then dumped unto the road, while the car sped away towards the city.

He managed to go to the nearest police station where the matter was reported.