ACDA finds no racist statement
Kaieteur News
June 19, 2004

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THE African Cultural and Development Association, ACDA, has said in a press statement that it has failed to find that owner of VCT 28 Tony Vieira made any racist statement.

ACDA was referring to the remark by Kaieteur News columnist, Freddie Kissoon, that Mr. Tony Vieira, owner of Channel 28 television and publisher of the Evening News made a racist, anti-African remark directed at him.

The organization quoted a section of Freddie Kissoon column in yesterday’s Kaieteur News.

“ACDA, in response to Mr. Kissoon and others, has viewed the tape and read the commentary on the web page. We have not found any anti-African remarks on either.”

Kaieteur News sought a comment from Freddie Kissoon.

Mr. Kissoon said this country has a history of political double standards. If the government had shown a tape that was tampered with, ACDA would have been the first organization to ask for the original. “What makes people feel that organizations like ACDA aren’t going to do the opposite to what they have done with the tape?”

“It suits their purpose to say they saw the tape. I have friends in ACDA and all they could have done was to request to see the original tape. I would have gladly given them a copy,” Kissoon added.