Enmore Martyrs served as catalyst for freedom movement -PPP
Stabroek News
June 16, 2004

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The PPP says in its Enmore Martyrs' Day message that to a large extent, the shooting to death of five sugar workers in 1948 could be regarded as a major catalyst in the formation of the party, and one that profoundly triggered the independence struggle of Guyana.

According to the ruling party, the necessity for a mass-based political organisation to represent the interest of the oppressed workers was greatly felt after the colonial government whitewashed the slaying of the sugar workers on the false pretext that the police had opened fire in self-defence.

The party's message said further that the formation of the PPP in January 1950 added a new dimension to the struggle of the sugar workers and the working people in general for decent wages and improved working conditions.

"The PPP consistently and steadfastly championed the cause of workers from its very inception and led the fight for the democratisation of the trade union movement which culminated in the passing of the Industrial Relations Bill," the message said.

The party also expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the current PPP/Civic administration to improve the working and living conditions of sugar workers and the efforts being pursued to ensure the sustainability of the sugar industry in the face of globalisation trends.

The PPP extended its sympathies to the surviving relatives and friends of the five sugar workers and reaffirmed its continuing loyalty to the cause of sugar workers in Guyana.