Laing Avenue and Alberttown cited for filth
Stabroek News
June 30, 2004

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Laing Avenue and Alberttown have been declared the most filthy areas in the city, by the Mayor and City Council's (M&CC) Public Health Department.

According to a press release yesterday from the M&CC Public Relations Office, inspections of these locations revealed some of the most deplorable conditions under which children and adults live. At Laing Avenue the council noted that several broken mains were discovered strapped with old tyre tubes and pieces of cloth, lying in drains filled with human excreta and other debris. Of more serious concern is the use of one septic tank by as many as five residents in Laing Avenue.

The M&CC said this unhealthy practice has caused a serious overflow of faeces and toilet tissue posing a serious health hazard to children and adults.

In the Alberttown area one particular home had a huge pile of garbage, reaching approximately ten-feet high.

The council is making a special appeal to all citizens to desist from such unhealthy practices and to work towards creating a litter-free and safe environment for all.

Meanwhile, the M&CC is also concerned over the manner in which some citizens and business entities, especially in the Bourda and Lacytown areas disregard the laws of the council and continue to practise indiscriminate dumping of refuse. It was observed that while employees of the M&CC effectively clean sections of the city, hours later some citizens continue the habit of dumping.

City Hall said as a result of this the council would intensify its campaign against litterbugs through the deployment of more officers at strategic points in the city. The M&CC is therefore calling on all citizens to be on the lookout and to report such activities to its public relations department at 225-2218.