Wismar schoolboy found hanging from roof By Joe Chapman
Guyana Chronicle
July 17, 2004

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POLICE were yesterday investigating the death of a Wismar schoolboy who was found hanging from the roof of his house Thursday night.

Relatives believe Orwin Blair, 13, hanged himself at his home at 168 Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden.

His mother, Mrs. Beverly Blair and others said he was a child who acted strangely at times.

He last October had to be taken to school and then the Wismar Police Station after he broke most of the louvre windows in the house because his mother had stopped him from doing as he wished.

The body of Orwin, called Ken by close friends and relatives, was found first by his younger brother Denzil, who then called their lone sister Denisia.

The three children had been playing in the yard of their home when Orwin left to go and bathe.

Denzil yesterday said he felt that at first Orwin was thinking of going out as he later discovered his clothes drawer open in the bedroom.

Denzil and Denisia recalled that it was after the NCN TV News Magazine had started that they realised that Orwin was not coming back to play with them.

They thought he was either playing Nintendo as he did sometimes or that he was simply looking at the television news.

But to their horror, the two children found him dangling from a bed sheet tied to a beam on the roof.

His mother said Orwin would at times deny that God exists and could not understand the existence of the Almighty, as persons died in the world.

She also could not at times understand his reasoning as he would begin a conversation and suddenly stop abruptly and gaze away.

While the other children would from time to time go to Sunday School and agree to attend Vacation Bible School, Orwin refused to be part of it saying it had to do with God, she said.

The grieving mother said she had bought all his books and clothing for him to return to school after the holidays.

She said that on more than one occasion she had to remind him that he was not an adult and that he should refrain from doing some of the things he felt she should allow him to do.

This included going to swim at Buck Town, a popular spot for adults and children in the area during the weekend and holidays.