Schoolgirls gone wild on Essequibo Coast
Kaieteur News
December 4, 2006

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Residents of Anna Regina and surrounding villages on the Essequibo Coast are requesting more police patrols in the area.

Reports reaching Kaieteur News stated that the request came after residents reported illegal activities in the area.

According to one resident, young girls from a residential school in the Cotton Filed area are regularly seen lurking around ‘drug yards and night spots.'

One Cotton Field resident told Kaieteur News that some of the teenagers are involved in prostitution and are also partaking in other illegal actives.

On Tuesday evening, three teenaged girls from a secondary school in Anna Regina were seen in a house at Back Street, Cotton Field, with two men smoking drugs.

Residents told Kaieteur News that after the teenagers were seen with the men the police were summoned, but as the police were about to swoop down on them the three girls jumped through a back window and escaped.

One resident told this newspaper that after the girls entered the house the owner turned up the music extremely loud. The resident stated that the house is occupied by a known ‘drugsman.'

Another resident said that on many occasions residents would warn the man about his activities but their warnings fall on deaf ears.

One of the men was taken into custody but later released.

Residents are calling for the police to make regular patrols in and around the township.

They are also seeking the intervention of the schools to have the young girls properly supervised when leaving the dormitory in the evenings.

“Many nights you can see them young girls roaming the streets like they don't have anyone to control them. The night spots are packed when the night come,” a concerned resident said.