Guyanese produce CXC Physics text
Guyana Chronicle
March 4, 2007

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VETERAM Physics teacher Mr Clarence Trotz and one of his former students, Mr Alec Farley, have collaborated to produce “CXC Physics”, the first textbook of that subject nature to be produced by Guyanese.

Trotz, in a recent interview with the Sunday Chronicle, said that the text was commissioned by Macmillan Publishers and will be in book stores around mid next month.

Trotz, 73, said he has been in the profession for the past fifty years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He currently teaches Physics at his home to students from Form Four to the Upper Six level.

Farley, he said, resides in the Bahamas and teaches at the St John’s College there. He said he was his teacher in the 1960’s.

He told this newspaper that he taught at Queens College from 1957 – 1980 and was the head master from 1974 to 1980. He is currently a member of the Old Students Association.

He subsequently headed St Stanislaus College from 1980 to 1982. He was then the coordinator of Mathematics and Science in the Education Ministry until 1988.

Trotz said he then spent two years as the head teacher of the Montserrat Secondary School before migrating to Britain where he taught from 1991 to 1996.

Farley was an old student of his in the early 60’s. Trotz was the first CXC Chief Examiner for Physics from 1985 to 1989. He said that for the corresponding period, Farley was Chief Examiner for Integrated Science.

In addition, Trotz helped put together the first CXC Physics Syllabus in 1985.

The two started the book in 2001 and it was completed in 2004. According to Trotz, little research was needed because of their vast experience. “After teaching for so many years you don’t have to do much research,” he said, adding that most of the information came from memory.

He pointed out that the book is based on the CXC syllabus and even goes beyond because it also caters for students doing the GCE examination in the Bahamas. Trotz said every chapter has the objectives clearly outlined.

Some of the topics covered include Waves and Light, Behaviour of Matter, Forces, Energy and Mechanics and Measurement and Practical Work. According to Trotz, the book has large print, diagrams to accompany explanations and is not difficult to understand.

He said that he plans the write the CXC regarding having the book placed on the booklist for examination students.

He said too, that the National Centre for Educational Research Development (NCERD) and the Ministry of Education received copies of the book about two weeks ago and he is currently awaiting their pronouncements.

Trotz said students who were able to browse through the book opined that it was well written and presented.

According to Trotz, one student who wrote the examination last year expressed regret that she did not have a copy of the text in time for her studies.

The book which has 587 pages will be used by the entire Caribbean. The Series Editor is British Dr Mike Taylor.