Nasty, racist British journalism invades Guyana
Freddie Kissoon Column
Kaieteur News
March 28, 2007

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Go to any European and North American airport and you will find literally hundreds of different newspapers and magazines on the newsstand. The mysterious thing is that the average person in Europe and North America does not read these publications, and they remain more ignorant than the average illiterate peasant of the South Asian villages.

Third World media operatives must explain to their own people the truth about journalism in the western world. Only then will our people understand the stupidity of the citizens of the developed, technological world.

Europe, Canada , the US and Australia have money to spend. The results are larger roads, bigger buildings, more funded universities, and modern infrastructure.

But that is all they have over the Third World . As human beings, they are as idiotic, narrow-minded and ignorant of life as any other foolish humans you find elsewhere in the world. These people are narcissistic. They are in love with themselves.

This pathological trait is more developed in their journalists, although the religious Right in the US has gone to the comical level of saying that they are in touch with God. God had to be a fool to make the people that constitute the religious Right in the US .

God had to be in a bad mood when he created many of the journalists from the UK and Australia who will be covering Cricket World Cup here in the wonderfully humane environment of the Caribbean .

When you read about the ignorant and imbecilic reporting of the journalists of the white world about life in the developing countries, then you come face to face with the failure of the education system in the developed world. How can these journalists be so moronic when they pen their condescending fiction about the folks of the Third World ?

For example, two tabloid fools from London covering Baron Amos's visit to Guyana, where she was born, took a trip to Wakenaam and wrote about the alligator-infested Essequibo River.

The Thames of London has far more snakes and crocodiles in it than any river in Guyana . The truth is that there are no alligators in the Essequibo River .

Now that Cricket World Cup is here, we will see the false world of superiority in which British journalists live.

They will write their twisted and contorted tales about Guyana . That is the nature of these people. Nothing will stop them. It is for us in the media to confront them each time they compose their eugenic barbarisms.

The first of such journalists to open his mouth is the sports correspondent for the BBC, Mr. Martin Gough. If Mr. Gough's parents are alive, then one hopes that they acknowledge that he is an embarrassment to the human race.

The serpents and gorillas that live in Mr. Gough's mind compelled him to descend to a level of pitiful, sickening and Hitleristic journalism about Guyana .

So appallingly shocking is this man's lack of awareness of world geography that he should be sacked for being a failure in that subject.

In his dispatch for the BBC on Monday, he wrote that, after he left St. Lucia , he yearned for it after he saw Guyana .

This man was expecting a large country of 83,000 square miles to be an island of 200 square miles, like St. Lucia .

But there is more asininity to come. How, after just arriving from the airport, can he conclude that Guyana is not as beautiful as St. Lucia ? If that isn't stupendous nonsense, then there is no such thing as knowledge that has guided civilisation for the past thousand years.

Not only is Guyana large, but it has beautiful beaches and St. Lucia-type ambience that will enthrall Mr. Gough, even though he may not be intellectually sensible to appreciate the full pulchritude of any country.

What is exasperating about this nasty, racist journalism is the mental corruption inside the minds of these so-called educated journalists from the white world. Mr. Gough put a cynical interpretation on the poor houses he has seen on the East Bank. What is so shocking about poor houses in any country?

If one were to judge the US by the sheer wealth it possesses, wealth that is incalculable and immeasurable, then the US has to be the largest societal failure since civilisation began. How, in a country with such wealth, can one find jails that are overflowing, poor people whose lives are as miserable and wretched as those in the Third World , and homeless wanderers?

The biggest joke in journalism at any time in any country is when these bigoted western reporters investigate drug trafficking in the Third World . You read about this and that country sending huge shipments of cocaine to Europe and the US . The security forces and the leaders of these countries are caricatured as blundering idiots who are not as smart as the drug traffickers.

It never occurs to these narcissistic journalists that these endless loads of drugs are going to the US , where technology is ultra-modern and where the police presence reminds you of what George Orwell wrote in his famous book, “1984.”

So who are the people buying these imported drugs? Surely, they live in the US .

The next assignment of the BBC's Martin Gough should be to report on how the US fails to catch their drug lords.

Mr. Gough complains about the rain in Guyana . He should become a meteorologist so he can advise the ICC about future tournaments. Of course, while I was in the middle of this composition, the phone rang to tell me that Mr. Martin Gough is under the weather. He is still reeling from the epiphany that occurred in his room yesterday afternoon.

Being so in love with the small sun-and-sand islands, he flew over to Antigua to see Australia beat the West Indies .

As soon as his plane touched down, he drove off to the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, lamenting to the taxi driver about the raindrops on his head in Guyana .

Then Martin Gough got the shock of his life. As he entered the ground, he saw there was no match. He was politely told by another sports writer from the infamous London tabloid world that the rains halted play, and it was all part of global warming that is about to destroy all the little islands in the Caribbean that he loves.

I heard he is set to return to Guyana this morning, and the hotel staff wants to surprise him by greeting him with the famous Burt Bacharach hit song, “Raindrops keep falling on my head.”