City enhancement exercises to improve citizens' livelihood -Jagdeo

Stabroek News
February 27, 2007

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President Bharrat Jagdeo has made a call for the city enhancement exercise to be recognized as a national effort to be supported by all rather than "the notion being peddled by some that the moveā€¦is motivated by the anticipated influx of foreigners."

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release Jagdeo said the clean-up effort will go beyond the Cricket World Cup as "we are trying to clean up the mess in this country that has been left unattended by the City Council for a very, very long time. We are trying to improve people's way of life and their surroundings so that we can re-awaken this sense of national pride."

GINA also said that several additional areas, including a section of the roadway from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport to the Timehri Police Station, have been targeted for improved road lighting. Lights have already been installed along the East Coast Demerara (ECD) Railway Embankment and the Ministry of Public Works and Communication will begin work in other areas shortly, in keeping with the government's plan to light all thoroughfares.

At present other enhancement activities, including resurfacing roads around the Stabroek Market and upper Water Street, are ongoing. A section of the seawall covered with brush is also being cleared while landscaping was done to the area between Carifesta Avenue and Vlissengen Road. Additionally, the construction of a car park at East Street is ongoing and the painting of road markings and signs has been completed at Sheriff Street, the ECD Railway Embankment and at Homestretch and Mandela avenues.

GINA said plans are also in train for enhancement works at the Joe Vieira Park, Schoonord and the West Bank Demerara. This activity is being supported by the ministry, the Guyana Sugar Corporation and the National Zoological Park Commission. Preparatory works are also ongoing for the installation of about 50 traffic lights at critical city intersections. The works are funded under a US$2.1 million project.