Guyanese Sherry Dixon
- New Editor-In-Chief for SHE Caribbean
Guyana Chronicle
May 6, 2007

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This month, SHE Caribbean is not only celebrating the release of an all new issue but also the appointment of Sunday Chronicle columnist Sherry Dixon as the Editor in Chief.

Dixon who is Guyanese by birth takes up the new position with a wealth of experience in publishing, having been the editor for Pride magazine in the UK for over 10 years.

Starting out as a Beauty Editor of the magazine, which has become the lifestyle bible for women of colour in the UK, Sherry became the Editor and a leading name in health and beauty for women of color in the UK.

She has done numerous television and radio shows helping to dispel the myths surrounding the health and beauty for women of colour.

Her accolades and achievements do not end there. Sherry started her career in public relations and true to form, she felt the need to expand her knowledge and went on to study beauty part time for over 6 years.

She then changed careers and became a successful makeup artist for exclusive brands including Parfum Givenchy, Chanel and Estee Lauder. She also acts as a consultant for the UK based Visage and has endorsed their Black by Design hair and makeup range.

Beyonce on the cover of She Caribbean’s latest issue under new Editor-en-chief Sherry Dixon

The new SHE Editor in Chief is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated readers with her health, lifestyle, beauty and relationship articles.

For many years, before her recent appointment, Dixon worked with SHE as a Contributing Editor. Dixon has also written for many publications including The Guardian, Observer, Times and of course, as you all know, Sherry has been a columnist for the Pepperpot section of the Guyana Chronicle on Sunday for the last six years. Her column is well read by subscribers all over the world.

Mae Wayne, the Publisher of SHE Caribbean sees this as a huge step forward for SHE Caribbean which is now gaining a strong presence all over the world.

"After eight years of producing SHE Magazine, I felt that it needed to take the next step to really grow in the international market. Britain is our largest market after the Caribbean.
Sherry Dixon had a great reputation as the Editor of Pride and is very respected in the black community in the UK. Being Guyanese by birth, I felt that Sherry could relate to the Caribbean," said Wayne.

The publisher, who has made SHE Caribbean, the leading women's magazine in the region, is positive that Dixon will take the magazine to the next level by increasing readership in the UK.

For the future of the publication, Dixon says “Every woman of Caribbean origin should subscribe to SHE Caribbean in the same way that most Caucasian women buy Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

This magazine represents the true wealth of the Caribbean women, her lifestyle whether it be for building her self-esteem, advice on how to get that job and keep it, food facts to keep her healthy and of course the fashion.

All of our fashion is styled by Caribbean models and top designers who deserve the recognition.

In my first issue I promote Michelle Cole of Colefacts – a Guyanese based designer. I met her in Guyana over 6 years ago and I know her work to be top class. Hair and beauty advice is of course paramount to the Caribbean woman who loves to look good and feel good.

I want this magazine to become a household name with Caribbean people all over the world."

Sherry admits that her move to the islands was a promise that she had made to her grandmother many years ago, to give back and share what she had learnt and experienced.

"One of the reasons I decided to come to St. Lucia was because of my grandmother, Irene Williams, who was a seamstress in Forshaw Street, Queenstown.

She always told me that in life whatever knowledge you've gained was on the strength of someone else doing the ground work. She said that you should always come back and give back something from what you have gained. I see this as my duty. I gained an absolutely brilliant education and a lot of experience in England.

I touched the glass ceiling, met many celebrities like signers Luther Vandross & Barry White, Reverend Jessie Jackson, President Nelson Mandela, boxer Lennox Lewis, Prime Minster Tony Blair and author Maya Angelou. I have been blessed and I want to share some of my knowledge and make my mark in the Caribbean," Dixon said.

Dixon is looking forward to reaching all of the ethnic communities and increasing SHE's readership in the UK.

"I would like to bring to SHE Caribbean all of the influences of the ethnic races around the world because Caribbean people come from many different ethnic backgrounds. This will make the current issue of SHE extremely exciting. I have a large following in Britain and everyone was excited about my move because they knew that I was taking a huge plunge that many want to make but do not. They are all looking forward to the new issues of the magazine."

The new May/June issue of SHE Caribbean is spectacular with superstar performer Beyonce sizzling on the cover. The talented singer and actress talks about her life and there is speculation on whether she will get married in the Caribbean.

SHE also has a huge section highlighting all of the hotspots around the Caribbean and must do activities for the perfect holiday. As usual, the magazine contains fashion spreads, designer spotlights, beauty tips and sex advice.

Pick up your copy of SHE Caribbean today at newsstands and bookstores!