City Hall injects $54M more into enhancement

Kaieteur News
April 11, 2007

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Cricket World Cup has concluded in Guyana , but the Mayor and City Councillors are maintaining a commitment to the enhancement of the city streets.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams said, “$54 million in contracts have recently been invested, and new road and drainage projects have been undertaken within the past two weeks”.

He added that the collaboration between the government, the municipalities, the business community and civil society in general is responsible for the continued enhancement programme.

That collaboration, the Deputy Mayor said, facilitated over $900M in road works, drainage, tree planting, and avenues, parapets and buildings enhancements.

It also allowed for the implementation of over $400M of the Inter American Development Bank's (IDB) funding for road and drainage works, particularly in the south of Georgetown .

The programme also attracted $150M in direct input through the Ministry of Works in the latter part of last year. City Hall also injected an additional $100M in drainage works in several areas of the city, including Lacytown and Stabroek. That money came from rates and taxes.

Williams also disclosed that, over the past three weeks, contracts would have been issued for approximately $54M worth of maintenance works for the areas that would have been enhanced last year.

Williams said, “The council has deliberately begun working, two weeks ago, on once again cutting concrete drains that should have been done in the late 2006 enhancement projects.”

He said that these drains are located in areas such as Vlissengen Road , the Sea Wall, alongside the Demerara River and in Sussex Street . The Deputy Mayor said that “every single drain in those areas is a concrete drain.”

We used World Cup as the opportunity to complete major works in and around the city.”

The Deputy Mayor concluded that the projects were successfully accomplished due to the collaborative efforts between the Government of Guyana , the Mayor and City Councillors, Downtown Enhancement Committees and the contributions of civil society.