Downtown enhancement group says it delivered
Stabroek News
April 4, 2007

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The Downtown Enhancement Committee said it made good on its promise to spruce up downtown Georgetown.

In a press release, the committee, comprising Guyenterprise Advertising Agency, Republic Bank, the New Building Society (NBS), the W&T George Group of Companies, the John Fernandes Group of Com-panies and convener Chris Fernandes and the Mayor and City Council said they have fulfilled all of their commitments to the Council.

The committee said the medians in Church and Water streets and along Avenue of the Republic as well as the roundabout have been replanted and repaired. Contractual arrangements have also been put in place for Team Neher to continue maintenance works in these areas for the coming year. The committee said it is grateful to Ansa McAl and Muneshwers Limited for their contributions towards this project.

The committee said the new vendors' mall has been greatly enhanced by the construction of "a very colourful and attractive fašade around the perimeter" to the east and north of the mall and the installation of a solid galvanised fence along the western perimeter. The committee said it is grateful to Dennis Dias of DD Signs for his patience and commitment in the construction of the fašade and the production of the signs and to Guyenterprise's Godfrey Chin and Vic Insanally for the design and sale of the advertisements. The construction and installation of "two nicely decorated signs to mark the entrances to (the) Water Street and Hincks streets sides of the Vendors Arcade" was also the committee's work. Dias and the management of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company were thanked in this respect.

Two hundred garbage bins were also constructed and installed in the downtown area. The sponsors' logos emblazoned on the bins add colour and character to them, the release said. The committee also said the project's success can be measured by the amount of garbage put in the bins as opposed to on the roads and in nearby drains. The committee is grateful to the sponsors.

The committee said it has suggested that the small garden west of the RACS museum, formerly the site of Fort George, be renamed Fort George Park. The fence has been repaired and painted and the wellheads replanted. Twelve concrete benches have also been installed at the garden along with garbage bins. Banks DIH has set up a stage in the garden and a proposal was made to the culture ministry to co-ordinate a cultural programme to be hosted on the off days of the world cup. The committee said the newly refurbished garden could be a welcome addition and could enhance the shopping centre provided that adequate security is employed to guard the area. Gratitude is extended to RUSAL, Banks, the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry and the John Fernandes Group for making this rehabilitation possible.

Georgetown's only public convenience has been overhauled. The Council has appointed Franklin Singh Disposal Services to manage and maintain the facility. The committee said this is a much needed improvement, particularly at this time. Special thanks were extended to Gafsons, National Hardware, Anral Investments and Najab Trading for donating material for the project and to John Fernandes for "putting it all together."

The NBS contracted Cummings Electrical to refurbish and install lights along Avenue of the Republic between Church and Broad streets. Similarly Republic Bank financed the refurbishment of lights along the median in Water Street between Robb and Com-merce streets. The release said these initiatives would significantly improve the lighting downtown.

The committee said the enhancement project's success is due to the many private sector entities who willingly lent their support. It extended gratitude to the city council's representatives Rufus Lewis, Errol Brisport, Hubert Urling and the Ministry of Works for their cooperation and support.